Black Widow Star Scarlett Johansson Praises Joss Whedon and Fans Revolt


Scarlett Johasson, the Black Widow of the Marvel Universe movies, revolted fans of the franchise after a video in which she praises Joss Whedon goes viral on social media. The director fell from grace in the industry after having his toxic behavior in Hollywood denounced by several artists.

The actress worked with the director on The Avengers (2012) and The Avengers: The Age of Ultron (2015), long before Whedon was cast in the direction of Justice League (2017) after Zack Snyder walked away from production. In the DC movie, the filmmaker had problems with stars like Ray Fisher and Gal Gadot.

Scarlett’s praise for the director came during an interview for the release of Black Widow in theaters. At the time, the actress praised Whedon’s talent as a screenwriter.

On social media, fans repudiated the actress’ words about the director and recall other controversial statements about her career. Scarlett has already praised Woody Allen, accused of abusing her own daughter, and had no problem playing an originally Asian character in the adaptation of The Watchman of Tomorrow: Ghost in the Shell (2017).

“Okay, I just lost all respect for Scarlett Johansson. Really? Defending Woody Allen and praising Joss Whedon? What’s wrong with your brain?” wrote one netizen.

“Scarlett Johansson helps me to help you, my daughter. Why the hell are you praising Joss Whedon in interviews?

Check out some comments from fans on social media:

Watch the moment when Scarlett Johansson praises Joss Whedon: