Bolsonaristas detonate CNN Brasil for a flawed act by Daniela Lima; watch


Apoiadores do presidente Jair Bolsonaro colocaram o assunto “CNN lixo” entre os mais comentados do Twitter nesta quinta-feira (27). The bolsonaristas made the criticisms based on the excerpt of a video in which the anchor Daniela Lima committed a flawed act when saying that “unfortunately” would give good news.

The moment happened on CNN 360 on Wednesday (26), when the journalist ended a participation by columnist Fernando Nakagawa. “Don’t get out of there because now, unfortunately, we are going to talk about good news, but with values ​​that are not so expressive”, she started, who immediately afterwards completed the sentence.

“The formal job market registered a positive balance in April, last month, creating more than 120 thousand jobs with a formal contract. The data was released today by the Ministry of Economy”, said Daniela.

At the entrance of the reporter and CNN Brasil’s own label explained the possible reason for the use of “unfortunately” by the anchor, since the month of April was the one that registered the smallest balance of formal vacancies in 2021. The commentator Fernando Nakagawa himself explained that the market expected a better number last month, with 155 thousand vacancies.

Watch Daniela Lima’s flawed act below:

No Twitter, os bolsonaristas não gostaram e levantaram a hashtag “CNN lixo”, que já havia aparecido entre os assuntos mais comentados da rede social no domingo (23), quando o repórter Pedro Duran foi hostilizado durante um ato pró-Bolsonaro no Rio de January.

In a note, CNN Brasil “vehemently repudiates any type of aggression. We believe in freedom of the press as one of the pillars of a democratic society. Journalists have the constitutional right to exercise their profession safely, to report facts, within the principles of non-partisanship and independence “.

Check out the repercussions of criticism against CNN this Thursday: