Boninho makes a joke about the BBB21 Leader Test: ‘I wanted to give Viih Tube a bath’


JB Oliveira, Boninho, did not miss the chance to make a joke about the participation of Viih Tube in the BBB21 Leader Test. The director of the reality show joined in the joke and commented on the water jets on the face of the youtuber. “We wanted to take a shower,” he said.

On Instagram, on Big Boss he published a video in which he appears making fun of his sister’s situation. “The idea is this. It is not proof, it is all a lie, there is no Proof of the Leader. We wanted to give Viih Tube a bath. There is no leader this week”, joked Ana Furtado’s husband.

In addition to the director, Camilla de Lucas, who is in the dynamic with the other participants, also made fun of youtuber. “Viih Tube took a shower”, shouted the carioca.

For some weeks now, the influencer has been commenting on social media for avoiding going near the shower. During the race for leadership, she also made fun of her situation. “I’m taking a shower, Brazil,” he joked.

Watch the video below:

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