Brasileirão 2021: Find out where to watch Grêmio vs América-MG live and online


The game Grêmio x América-MG will be played this Saturday (24th), at 17h. Valid for the 13th round of the Brazilian Championship, the match will take place at Arena do Grêmio, in Porto Alegre, and will be broadcast live on Premiere throughout Brazil. The options for watching online are Globoplay, Canals Globo and Premiere Play.

The duel will be narrated by Júlio Oliveira, with comments by Lédio Carmona. The reports will be by Leonardo Müller, with Paulo César de Oliveira at Central do Apito.

Premiere Play, available on the GE website, has a monthly price of R$79.90 and can be accessed by website or app. For those who already have Premiere on pay TV, it is possible to use the operator’s data and login to the online version of pay-per-view or to the Canalis Globo platform.

An alternative to watch Grêmio x América-MG live is to buy the Globoplay combo with Premiere, available on Grupo Globo streaming. The monthly subscription to the two services costs R$ 84.90, while the annual package has a promotion in which the value is R$ 65.90 per month.

Premiere is now available via Prime Video Channels on Amazon. The monthly price of the combo is R$79.90 plus the R$9.90 for the entertainment service subscription.

Grêmio has only six points and is in the relegation zone; comes from a 1-0 victory over Fluminense. América-MG has 9 points and wants to leave the Z-4, coming from a defeat, also by 1-0, to Sport.

Brasileirão live

See below the list of games for the 13th round of the Brazilian Championship and know where to watch it live and online:

Saturday (24)

  • 17h – Grêmio x América-MG – Premiere
  • 19h – Palmeiras x Fluminense – Premiere

Sunday (25)

  • 11 am – Atlético-MG x Bahia – Premiere
  • 4 pm – Flamengo x São Paulo – Globo, SporTV (except RJ) and Premiere
  • 16h – Fortaleza x Red Bull Bragantino – Premiere
  • 18:15 – Santos x Atlético-GO – Premiere
  • 20h30 – Sport x Ceará – Premiere
  • 20:30 – International x Youth – Premiere

Monday (26)

  • 6 pm – Youth x Chapecoense – Premiere
  • 20h – Cuiabá x Corinthians – SporTV (except MT) and Premiere