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Brazilian from BBB Italy, Dayane Mello is defeated in the reality final


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Dayane Mello, a Brazilian who was one of the participants in the reality show Gran Fratello, Italian version of Big Brother, was defeated in the final of the program, held on Monday (1st), even with the campaign of several celebrities here, who promoted joint efforts to help you with the program.

In her participation, she competed for 11 walls and counted on the help of fans from Brazil during the voting. Upon leaving the house, she was moved and cried in the reunion with her daughter, Sofia, still on the stage of the attraction.

The order of classification of the finalists was not announced at once. Andrea Zeletta was in 5th place. Dayane Mello came next, as 4th place. Stefania Orlando won the bronze medal and the title of champion will be decided between Pierpaolo Pretelli and Tommaso Zorzi.

Check out some moments of Dayane Mello in the Gran Fratello final

Who is Dayane Mello

The catarinense model Dayane Mello is considered one of the most controversial participants of the season. She has been the target of prejudice within the home and has also had behaviors that have caused outrage from fellow prisoners and viewers.

Former ex-affair of player Mario Balotelli, the 31-year-old digital influencer has already been nominated for eleven televotees, the wall of the Gran Fratello, and has returned from all of them. Although only six votes per day are allowed, Brazilian fans have managed to help Dayane and are still organizing joint efforts.

Currently, the Brazilian who was born in Joinville, Santa Catarina, has 766 thousand followers on Instagram, a career as a model and is already known to the Italian public, after being a finalist in the local Dance of the Famous and having competed in three other realities.

At Gran Fratello, the influencer was the target of macho and xenophobic comments inside the house. Participant Francesco Oppini even mentioned that a “party with her and my friends would be a disaster” and that the sister “would be raped” in Verona. He said that after seeing her drunk at a party on the show.

“It is not because I have an open mind and it is different that you have to tell me these things. I am a mother. What if tomorrow mothers talk about it at Sofia’s school? I have a daughter who assists me at home,” she commented In this ocasion.

Dayane’s critics say she is manipulative and also condemn the “body shaming” that she did during confinement, extolling thin bodies.

Mourning does not program

During confinement, Dayane lost his brother, killed in a car accident in Lontras (SC). Lucas Mello’s vehicle crashed into a truck while traveling on the BR-470. Local authorities are investigating the case, and the model’s brother was alone at the time of the accident.

The sister watched her brother’s wake through a video call within the Italian reality and received psychological monitoring of the production.

Grande Fratello offered the young woman the possibility of abandoning the program, but the brunette declared that her brother dreamed that she would win. Another impediment was the Covid-19 pandemic, since the confined could not travel to Brazil for burial in any way.

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