Brazilian Julia Gama, 2nd in the Miss Universe, celebrates the achievement: ‘Latin beauty being recognized’ – Prime Time Zone


Contest runner-up congratulated the Mexican Andrea Meza and thanked the Brazilians for their support

Playback / Instagram / juliawgama / 18.05.2021Julia Gama took second place in Miss Universe 2021

The passage of Julia Gama no Miss Universe she did not go unnoticed and, after being in second place in the competition, she continues to enjoy all the affection she has been receiving from the Brazilians. The runner-up is still in Miami, in the United States, fulfilling some commitments and, in addition to celebrating her success in the contest, she is also celebrating this Tuesday, the 18th, another year of life. “How beautiful to be 28 years old with this incredible experience that I am living. Since I came down from that stage [do Miss Universo], I couldn’t breathe. For you to have an idea, only this morning I can talk to my father ”, said Julia in the Instagram stories. THE Miss Brasil also made a post thanking the fans and the support she received from Brazilians, including celebrities like the actress Larissa Manoela, the soccer player Neymar and the digital influencer Little Wool.

Julia Gama standing with a dress she wore at Miss Universe

Julia Gama thanked the Brazilians for their support in Miss Universe – Photo: Reproduction / Instagram / juliawgama

Sharing photos of her participation in Miss Universe, Julia thanked: “Brazil, thank you for so much! I am receiving so much love, so many beautiful messages, so much support, so much light, so much good energy. I am very grateful! I cannot say that I am at a loss for words because I am not… I have them all here and I always will. The word ‘thank you’ will be on the tip of my tongue to be used all the time and forever! You will always be in my prayers and thoughts! What an honor to represent my country for the whole world to see. What an honor to represent our Brazil to the entire universe. Thanks! We are giants when we are together ”. The Brazilian went to the final of the contest with the Mexican Andrea Meza, who ended up receiving the crown from the South African Both Tunzi, winner in 2019. It is worth remembering that in 2020 Miss Universe was canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Since 1968, a Brazilian has not won the contest and, since 2007, when Natalia Guimaraes almost won the title, Brazil does not reach the second place.

Julia Gama with the Miss Brasil track

Julia Gama was successful in representing Brazil at Miss Universe 2021 – Photo: Reproduction / Instagram / juliawgama

Quickly, the Brazilians used social media to expose they did not agree with the result of this year’s Miss Universe and started to comment that, like Natalia, Julia also deserved to take the title. With the repercussions, the vice Miss Universe of 2007 even commented on Julia’s performance in the competition: “I was so moved, so happy. Of course, I wanted her to be in first place, but I know that second place is also wonderful. We have to be very proud of our Miss Brazil, she really was impeccable from start to finish, since she got there, she was already shining and attracting attention from all over the world. Julia, you shone, you are a star ”. The runner-up of Miss Universe 2021 showed that there is rivalry between the competitors and congratulated the Mexican for the victory. “This year’s title was to belong to a Latina! It is beautiful to see the strength and the Latin beauty being recognized. I feel represented. I wish the best for this amazing woman! It was a pleasure, an honor to share this unforgettable experience with this extraordinary woman ”, wrote Julia, who also revealed that many professional opportunities are already appearing for her.