Britney Spears’ father is officially suspended from the singer’s guardianship – Prime Time Zone


Jamie Spears had dropped the lawsuit in August after the artist’s testimony moved the world

reproductionBritney Spears must undergo medical tests to regain control of her life

A California judge ruled on Wednesday, 29, that Jamie Spears no longer exercises the role of guardian of the daughter Britney Spears. The singer’s father had managed her financial and artistic life since 2008, but had given up her guardianship in August of this year after the artist went to court to report on how she had lived in recent years. Jamie’s departure would only happen in January 2022, but Britney filed a lawsuit to anticipate the end of her father’s control. The decision came from judge Brenda Penny and was celebrated by the singer’s main lawyer, Matthew Rosengart. “It’s simple, it’s logical, it’s fair,” he said on leaving the court in The Angels. The Court appointed a temporary guardian until December 31st. Britney’s nearly $60 million ($324 million) fortune will remain under guardianship until she undergoes psychological tests to see if she’s able to manage her life on her own. The singer’s personal and medical affairs are managed by Jodi Montgomery.