BTS vocalist makes statement in Portuguese and drives fans crazy on the web


Park Ji-min, lead singer of BTS known as Jimin, drove Brazilian fans crazy by making a statement in Portuguese this Monday morning (30). During a live on social networks, the singer said “I love you” at the request of one of the internet users who followed the broadcast.

The two words in Portuguese were enough for the fact to enter the most talked about topics on Twitter in a matter of minutes — the live reached five positions in the top 10 of Trending Topics Brazil at once, six in total.

The six topics were: “Jimin’s Live”, “the Jimin”, “Park Jimin”, “Jiminie”, “he said I love you” and “he said I love you”. Most fans were moved by the star’s declaration and greatly celebrated the show of love. The live was performed through the VLive platform.

Jimin is a Korean singer, being one of the seven members of the most famous K-Pop band at the time. The BTS singers don’t speak Portuguese — they communicate with fans around the world in English, the language present in most of their songs.

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