Caio bothered with video shown in the final of ‘BBB 21’: ‘I’m really upset’ – Prime Time Zone


Farmer said at the house that before entering he recorded a video asking for Rodolffo’s support, but the production of the program showed him asking the fans of another countryman

Reproduction / Globo / 05.05.2021Caio recorded a series of stories explaining the video in the final of ‘BBB 21’

When Caio entered the “BBB 21”And saw that Rodolffo was one of the participants in the box group, the farmer did not hide that he is a big fan of the sertanejo singer and said inside the house that in the videos he recorded before joining the program, he asked the artist to cheer for him. Tiago Leifert commented on the matter in the reality final, which happened on Tuesday night, 4, and then showed a video in which Caio asks for support for another countryman, the singer Leonardo. Lucas stretcher she was shocked by the revelation and the matter reverberated on social networks. The problem is that the farmer did not like the joke and explained in the Instagram stories that the production of the program asked him to record two videos asking for the support of celebrities.

“I am very upset, very much. It came to me that I should make the video [pedindo apoio], I made one asking Rodolffo to cheer for me. I would never say such a thing on the live program, knowing that the content was all going to the internet. I wasn’t going to make that up inside. Then, I had to make another video [pedindo] for someone else [famosa torcer por mim] and put Leonardo on, ”he said. During the outburst, Caio said that he did not lie to Rodolffo at the house: “I would not invent such a thing, as I knew that these videos would appear before I entered. [na casa]. Tiago even joked that he had some edits and jokes in the videos [exibidos na final], but it made me very upset, I am very sad ”. Caio and Rodolffo became friends within the “BBB 21” and became great partners in the game. The farmer said he is looking for the video in which he talks about his friend to post on social networks.