Caio calls Juliette a liar at BBB21: ‘Armed to expose Lumena’


After the shack between Gilberto Nogueira and Juliette Freire at BBB21, Caio Afiune returned to affirm that the lawyer is always lying. The farmer talked to the economist about the fight and passed the information on to Arthur Picoli on Thursday afternoon (18). “She set up to expose Lumena,” he said.

“The lies have continued until now, and I am not sure where,” said the farmer, saying he was feeling a strange atmosphere in the house. Arthur mentioned the disagreement between Gilberto and Juliette the day before, and the two remembered the fight between the makeup artist and Lumena Aleluia in the first week of confinement.

“She said that to Gil and told Sarah [Andrade], that she set the situation, “let out Caio.” This is of the nature, this is character, this is slutty “, continued the Goiano, while the capixaba just listened.

However, the situation was not set by Juliette, as the farmer went on. The lawyer stated that, during an argument with Lumena, she sat down to see how far she would go and thanked Gilberto for asking the psychologist to sit down.

Sarah and the economist passed on the gossip to Fiuk, Projota, Caio and Rodolffo Matthaus more than a month after the event, which made Juliette angry.

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