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Caio is three-time champion of Prova do Anjo and gains immunity in BBB21


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For the third consecutive week, Caio Afiune won the Angel’s Test, which took place this Friday afternoon (26), and is immune to the vote on the next BBB21 wall. The farmer gave the punishment of the monster to Pocah and Projota, both of whom were already at Xepa and lost 300 shipyards each.

In addition to Caio, Gilberto Nogueira, Rodolffo Matthaus, Sarah Andrade, Carla Diaz, Juliette Freire, Fiuk and Lumena Aleluia participated in the race, chosen by lot.

Pocahand Projotathey cried for not participating in the test and once again missed the opportunity to see a video of their respective daughters at the angel’s lunch.

Participants had a closet each. The test consisted of putting together looks for certain occasions, which were chosen by playing two dice that showed the necessary pieces and combinations. Each category of clothing had a respective rack so that the brothers could choose the pieces of clothing.

Each look contained a card with a score ranging between ten, 20, 30, 40 and 50 points. Participants were only able to show the value of the card when the clothes were hanging on the hanger of their respective closets.

Same pieces had different values ​​on their cards, so the test was lucky. Whoever had the most points after five rounds won. Carla, Sarah, Gil, Juliette and Rodolffo didn’t even participate in the last round, because even if they took the maximum score from the cards, they would no longer reach Caio’s points.

Check below the score that each made:
Fiuk -> 170 points
Carla -> 100 points
Gil -> 90 points
Sarah -> 110 points
Lumena -> 190 points
Caio -> 200 points
Juliet -> 80 points
Rodolffo -> 80 points

Check out some excerpts from the race:

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