Caio is unmasked by the edition in the final of the BBB21, and Juliette is in shock


During his stint at BBB21, Caio Afiune always said that Rodolffo Matthaus was one of his great musical idols and said that he had talked about it even at the reality show qualifiers. This Tuesday (4), however, the edition showed a video to unmask the farmer, who mentioned singer Leonardo in his presentation material.

The revelation left the three finalists, Juliette Freire, Camilla Freire and Fiuk, in shock and even surprised Tiago Leifert, who gave Caio an amusing scolding.

“A person that I really wanted to ask for strength, that I wanted to ask him to cheer for me, one of the people with the voice and one of the most beautiful songs that he has. you, Leonardo “, said Caio in one of the videos recorded in the pre-confinement of the hotel.

“My God,” said Juliette. “One of the biggest myths of BBB21 fell. Shame on you, Caio!” Said Tiago Leifert. “He deceived us all. He repeated 20 thousand times a day [que era o Rodolffo]. Poor Rodolffo “, released the lawyer.

Watch the moment below:

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