Caíque admits that he went on Holiday With Ex to cause: ‘Honest scammer’


Highlight of Holiday With Ex: Celebs 2, Caíque Gama entered reality ready to cause. After experiencing lasting relationships, the former member of Banda Fly was in a catching phase when he accepted the invitation from MTV and admits that he is an “honest scammer” when it comes to seduction.

“I entered the program to really cause it, to get general, because I knew where I was going and it was me. Nothing was forced there and I did not force myself at any time. I went for the ride. If you want, I want to. If not, it was a joke. I think I am an honest scammer because I speak “, explains Gama to the TV News.

Right at the entrance to the program, the musician found his last ex, the singer Gabily, caused some friction in the house and was labeled as a trash boy by a portion of the program’s fans: “I talked to Gabily and said: ‘Okay, we can stay, but I want to take another mine. ‘When I pick up another mine, it turns into an uproar. Honestly i don’t bother [com o rótulo de] trash boy. I was sincere with everyone, a lot of people saw it in the episodes “.

However, after passing the squeegee this season and being considered the “only male available” in the house by Marina Gregory, the former Fly confesses that he does not understand the reason for his success with women. “When she said that in the episode, I was like, ‘Hey? There are a lot of guys here, the [Pedro] Ortega, or [Flávio] Nakagima. Perhaps, available, that would attract her attention, I don’t know, I was trying to interpret and I didn’t get anywhere “, he comments.

The only thing I do is chat: ‘Gee, I fucking want you. If you don’t want to, it took a while, let’s take it as a joke so I don’t feel bad about having a stump ‘. I don’t know if it’s sincerity or a physical stop, I just don’t know. If I knew, I would even explore further inside (laughs).

Outside of reality, the music producer takes the episodes as a journey of self-knowledge and ventes about the fear of cancellation that he felt from other participants, without mentioning names.

“Many people who go to Celebs have a public career, there is a lot of politically perfect. Maybe there are a lot of people who come in worried about the cancellation out here, and I wasn’t that guy, because I haven’t lived on the internet for a long time. You see a bunch of people playing character, playing the perfect one. It’s not an empathy program, sorry, it’s the Vacation with the Ex “, he believes.

Back to his routine, Caíque continues his work as music producer for Jerry Smith and the participants Gabily and Flavia Gabê.

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