Called ‘moldy brain’ by Bolsonaro, ex-CQC disguises himself and invades the act


Called a “musty brain” by Jair Bolsonaro (no party), former CQC reporter – Cost What It Takes (2008-2015) Guga Noblat disguised himself as a supporter of the president of Brazil in order to infiltrate a pro-government act federal this Tuesday (7). “I dressed up as a minion,” explained the Prime Time Zone journalist.

Em uma foto publicada no Twitter, Noblat compartilhou uma selfie em que aparece usando uma camisa da CBF (Confederação Brasileira de Futebol), óculos escuros e uma máscara com os dizeres “Bolsonaro 2022”, um look tradicionalmente usado por bolsonaristas.

Earlier, the journalist had posted several videos recorded from within the act in support of Bolsonaro in Brasília, in the Federal District.

“For those who asked, the images are mine, I dressed up as a minion and went to work there without running the risk of being skinned alive,” declared the former band. “Beauty, not carrying a knife, English punch, gasoline cocktail with a wick, not breaking anything, there will be no problem,” said José Medeiros, federal deputy from Mato Grosso.

“You see, we have something in common, we both dress up as minions so we can work,” countered Ricardo Noblat’s son, referring to Medeiros’ profile picture, in which he also appeared wearing a CBF shirt.

The reporter then posted a video of a helicopter in the midst of several Bolsonaro supporters in celebration. “Bolsonaro arrived on the Esplanade in a white helicopter screaming ‘myth’. I remembered Xuxa’s Xou’s ship,” he mocked in the caption of the post.

On March 5, 2019, Guga Noblat criticized Jair Bolsonaro for threatening the press. “Bolsonaro has a habit of threatening newspapers and artists critical of his government by promising to take money. In other words, if they spoke well they would be receiving without problems? That’s what is understood. And that’s exactly how the moldy old politics behaves”, wrote Noblat .

Bolsonaro countered: “Wrong, moldy brain.” “I was called a moldy brain by Jair Bolsonaro. It must be because I didn’t fall for the fake news about the dick’s bottle or the gay kit that his campaign created. Talquei?”, replied the former CQC reporter.

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