Carla Diaz denies rumors that she was dating Arthur: ‘Life is different’


After rumors that Arthur Picoli was meeting Carla Diaz secretly at her home in Rio de Janeiro, the actress spoke for the first time about the case. According to her, fans do not need to create expectations and “false hopes” between their relationship, as they are not together. “Out here life is different,” he wrote.

According to the newspaper Extra, the former couple is trying to get right out of the Globo reality after the troubled romance experienced in the program.

Residents of Vila Pan-Americana, a group of buildings built at the time of the 2007 Pan-American Games, where Arthur Picoli is currently living, told the newspaper that they had seen Carla Diaz discreetly entering and exiting one of the complex’s apartment blocks in Jacarepaguá, in the west side of Rio.

The publication reportedly spoke with a person close to the actress revealing that she would be willing to give the ex-BBB a chance. However, Carla denied everything on her social network.

“I’ve always been very discreet about my love life. So this is a subject I won’t go back to anymore, but I come here out of respect for my fans because I don’t think it’s fair to create a false expectation in you,” began Khadija’s interpreter in The Clone (2001).

Carla said that the couple talked after the end of BBB21, but that it was nothing more than a conversation. “We’re not together! I’m single. I’m totally focused on my work and fulfilled like I’ve never been, with lots of amazing projects and things,” said the actress.

On Tuesday (8), Gilberto Nogueira, Pocah and Carla held a live on social media, and the young man from Conduru was called. The former couple did not hide the established climate, but rekindled the fans’ support for a return of the two.

At the time, Carla made a post on her Twitter: “Why pass on something that isn’t true? I’m here wondering.”

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