Carol Peixinho talks about eating cockroach in ‘No Limite’: ‘She walked in her mouth’ – Prime Time Zone


After being eliminated, the former ‘BBB 19’ participant received a tribute from André Marques

Reproduction / Globe / 14.07.2021Carol Peixinho ate cockroach at the Food Proof in ‘No Limite’

Carol Fishy was eliminated from the reality show “On the edge” in the episode aired last Tuesday, 13, on Globo. After leaving the competition, she participated in a chat with Ana Clara and talked about the challenges faced in the survival program. “I threw myself headfirst, body, chest. Intense. It was beautiful and a school for me. I’m just happy to be able to see everything I learned there”, said Carol, who also participated in “BBB 19”. One of the biggest challenges of the elimination was facing the dreaded Food Test. “The cockroach was the worst. You had to put it alive in your mouth and it walked a little in your mouth, in the beginning. My technique was to eat as fast as possible. I just couldn’t do it with the goat’s eye, because it was really rigid,” said Carol.

A ex-BBB he also spoke about what technique he used to face the challenge of eating exotic things: “When I looked at that cockroach I said: ‘I can’t believe that in this life I’m going to eat a cockroach’. I had to use that eating fast strategy. How am I going to slowly eat six larvae? Get in your face and be brave at once, chew it all up and get rid of it”. After the elimination, Carol Peixinho received a tribute from André Marques, presenter of the attraction. “I think one of the most fucked up women I’ve ever met. Beautiful, warrior, strong, no frills and no ‘mimimi’. Carol Peixinho, thank you for taking our challenge! You are awesome! If I am ever a father, I would like a daughter like you! You are the perfect friend, the perfect girlfriend, the perfect woman and everything you want to be, because you decide and the world is yours! Fly… or rather…. nothing fishy, ​​the world is yours!!! Thanks! God take care of your way, beautiful friend”, wrote André on Instagram.