Carol Solberg uses SporTV interview to detonate Bolsonaro government


Carol Solberg detonated President Jair Bolsonaro (non-party) live on SporTV this Saturday (9). The interview took place after the player, partner of Bárbara Seixas, beat the duo Vitória and Andressa in the Brazilian Beach Volleyball Circuit. The video with the critics went viral and put the athlete’s name among the most talked about issues this Sunday (10).

Out of breath, Carol lamented the deaths as a result of the pandemic in the country. “We can’t forget… We completed yesterday [sexta-feira] 600,000 deaths by Covid-19. I don’t think tournaments can go by without us talking about it. We have a president who is defending early treatment at this point in the championship. This is very serious. It hurts me a lot to see Brazil being represented by this,” she began.

Then she recalled Bolsonaro’s veto on the free distribution of tampons to economically vulnerable population. “I get very sad, Brazil for me is a wonderful country. I’m proud of so much that Brazil represents. But it hurts me a lot to see this moment, you know? I’m an athlete, I love being here playing, but I don’t go into it court and is oblivious to everything that is happening,” she added.

“So it hurts me a lot. I’m here as a citizen, as an athlete. This is a very tough time. Thank you for the fans and all my solidarity with the families that lost their love, their partners for this horrible thing about Covid-19”, concluded Carol .

This is not the first time the volleyball player has criticized the president. In September of last year, she said “out Bolsonaro” live during an interview. On account of the manifestation, Carol was denounced to the STJD (Superior Court of Sports Justice).

The athlete was warned in the first instance, but appealed the decision for not agreeing with the sentence. She considered that she did not “hurt or disrespect” any law and defended the freedom of expression of athletes. Carol was acquitted in the second instance.

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