Carolina Ferraz is at risk of losing an apartment due to a debt of R$11,000


Owner of an apartment in São Conrado, an upscale neighborhood in the south of Rio de Janeiro, Carolina Ferraz has a debt of BRL 11.8 thousand with the municipality and runs the risk of losing the property. The residence was seized by the courts, but the problem should be resolved soon, without the need for a sale. Reason: the actress and presenter of Domingo Espetacular was not aware of this pending issue, as the responsibility for paying the property tax (property tax and urban land tax) was the tenant.

Carolina only discovered this information after consulting the report from TV news. She assured that she will make payment in the next few days to clear the name of any kind of charges. However, the actress reinforced that she will seek to recover this amount from the person responsible for the debt.

According to the process, the municipality of Rio de Janeiro tried to receive IPTU rates by sending charges via mail to the apartment located near the beach in São Conrado. The executed, in the Carolina Ferraz case, was not located. The Justice, then, made the citation by public notice and sent the property for attachment.

In this type of action, in which the person involved does not know that he is being judged, a “special trustee”, a public defender, is constituted to assure the debtor a way to respond to the charges.

In June 2019, the judge of the 12th Public Finance Court of Rio de Janeiro denied the requests of the special curatorship, which challenged the process of citation to Carolina Ferraz — that is, the way she was (not) communicated about the debt .

On June 29 of this year, the Judiciary Branch issued a charge of R$ 11,800 referring to IPTU debts for the São Conrado apartment, which must be paid by December 26, 2021. If the amount is not paid, the property will be put up for auction.

In a statement, the press office of the presenter of Domingo Espetacular informed that she will make the payment. “Carolina Ferraz was not aware of the existence of this process, as it was never mentioned, an indispensable act to inform the execution and open a deadline for defense. She learned about it through the news”, claimed the actress’ team, who added:

His lawyer has already been sued and, in a first examination, he identified that it is a collection of IPTU for an apartment in São Conrado, whose payments were assumed by the then tenant. Therefore, despite never having been aware of the execution, Carolina Ferraz will arrange the payment to then take the necessary legal measures to seek reimbursement of these amounts – small, but which, contractually, should have been paid by the tenant.

Carolina Ferraz called the lawyer Rodrigo Lins e Silva Cândido to deal with the case. The 53-year-old artist will pay off her debts with the City of Rio de Janeiro and will take the “appropriate measures” against the person responsible for the debt. “Carolina Ferraz will honor this obligation, as she has never shied away from doing it: if she didn’t do it before, it was due to her absolute ignorance of this debt”, reinforced the presenter’s advisors.