Casseta & Planeta team returns to TV with humorous chat, but without Tabajara


Former members of Casseta & Planeta, Beto Silva, Claudio Manoel, Helio de La Peña and Hubert Aranha are back on TV with Conversa Piada, a new cultural attraction. The program intends to present a good-humored chat about the main topics of the week, without resorting to the parodies of soap operas and the legendary products of the Tabajara Organizations.

“What Conversa Piada is similar to Casseta & Planeta is us, our type of humor. Now, the program, it has nothing to do with what we used to do. It’s a conversation, a more or less organized and humorous review,” explained Hubert.

In the press presentation of the program, in which the TV news was present, Beto Silva highlighted the editorial line of the new attraction: “We are going to discuss the subjects that we find interesting to talk about. There are certain topics that, despite being important, are not very good for jokes. We intend to talk about everything that is happening , subjects that have a good broth for a good-humored conversation”.

“We’ll try to catch people by the funny conversation, the jokes we’re going to make, the approaches. There won’t be Tabajara, there won’t be a parody of the soap opera, none of that. But fans of all life will enjoy it because they will see, in some way, the humor of Casseta & Planeta, the funny way we have to deal with issues,” added the comedian.

In addition to a review of the hot topics, the program has tables on social media content and a survey between celebrities. Pedro Bial, Bruno Mazzeo, Miguel Falabella and Marisa Orth are among the guests in this dynamic.

“I’m the first viewer of the show and I think this their spirit is very well preserved. The pleasure of laughing and making people laugh with the themes that surround everyday life. So much that can be fun, depending on the look and insight of someone who has a talent for humor,” said Mauro Farias, director of the attraction.

Conversa Piada premieres this Saturday (16), at 10 pm, at Cultura.