Casual party looks, Dress & Go’s new business model


The history of Dress & Go began in 2013, when the theme of circular economy was not yet an effervescent issue in the fashion universe. Panning recently launched designer dresses, the couple Bárbara Almeida and Mariana Penazzo started the site for renting the pieces with 1 million reais invested. Time passed, the brand grew and changes in the portfolio came. In an exclusive interview with Casual, Almeida talks about the new arm of the website, Reloved, launched today (19).

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In a past world, in which it was possible to attend weddings, graduation parties, baptisms and any other physical event, Dress & Go was an ally in the rental of elegant dresses. In 2018, the brand had launched Share, a platform within the website, where customers could make their dresses available for rent, further boosting the brand, and of course, moving the circular economy. “We launched Share with the intention of further encouraging responsible consumption and, thus, reducing the environmental impacts generated by the textile industry, which is the second most pollutant in the world”, comments Mariana.

In addition, the project brought benefits to customers who usually use only 30% of the pieces in the wardrobe. “The share increased the engagement of customers and also increased their recurrence in rentals, since with the capital received through the rent of the pieces, they receive an increase of up to 40% to rent a dress on the website”, says Bárbara.