Cauã Reymond and Mari Goldfarb ‘humiliate’ paradise in the Maldives with perfect bodies


Cauã Reymond and Mariana Goldfarb managed to overshadow the beauty of one of the greatest paradises in the world. The couple is on vacation in the Maldives and shared with their followers breathtaking photos of their healed bodies on the beach this Sunday (10).

“We’ll only have pictures like this,” wrote the model, in a white bikini, in the gallery’s caption, which had images of the white sand and calm crystalline waters of the country located in Asia. Cauã shared the moment in the same landscape, with his eyes closed and enjoying the sun.

Many followers made a point of registering praise in the comments. “It multiplies, sir,” commented Leila Reis. “Beautiful thing”, praised Cintya Pinheiro.

See photos of Cauã and Mariana on Instagram: