César Tralli admits ‘difficult moment’ in farewell to SP1: ‘Ten years’


César Tralli admitted living a ‘difficult moment’ when he said goodbye to Globo’s SP1, this Wednesday (13th). The 50-year-old presenter passed the journalist’s baton to Alan Severiano live, with the right to a speech directed at the viewer. “I’m saying goodbye to SP1 after ten years,” he said.

With Maria Julia Coutinho going to Fantástico, Tralli takes over the Jornal Hoje. Severiano, in turn, takes his place. The exchange of posts between journalists was highlighted in Globo’s programming. At the end of SP1 this Wednesday, Tralli called his colleague for a presentation.

“It’s come a very difficult time here for me and I imagine for you too. I’m saying goodbye to SP1 after ten years having the privilege of keeping you company on your sacred lunch break,” began Tralli.

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for so much affection, for trusting in my work, for this relationship of respect and trust, I repeat, and a lot of love that we’ve built and cultivated at that time. You guys are awesome,” he continued.

The presenter asked the SP1 audience to also follow him on Jornal Hoje and highlighted the new positions of his colleagues at the station. “I want to take the opportunity to make a request, which tastes like an invitation: try to extend your lunch break as much as possible. Then you start at SP1, watch Globo Esporte and then I’ll find you happy at Jornal Hoje”, he requested.

“Most of you should know by now. Maju went to Fantástico, and I was chosen for this great challenge, which will be to replace her at Jornal Hoje. And who will be with you in my place is a friend and professional that I admire a lot. : our dear Alan Severiano”, he stressed.

Moved, Tralli received Severiano in the studio and regretted that the pandemic did not allow a warm reception. “Alan, I wanted to give you a hug and a kiss without a mask. But we know it’s not time to do that yet. But that time will come and I’ll do it because I like you so much,” he warned.

“I wanted to tell you to take good care of this newspaper so special, cool and spectacular, with this wonderful team”, he praised.

Severiano, in turn, thanked the opportunity and highlighted Tralli’s work over the past ten years. “Thank you for the warm welcome. You are what we are seeing here. You welcomed me with all the affection. I am very grateful and I have admired you for a long time. For me, it is a great happiness to make SP1”, he said.

“I would like to thank TV, friends, family and relatives who have supported me so far. It is an honor and also a huge responsibility to come after Tralli, which has such an exceptional connection to the city. And it has this incredible proximity to the viewer. , and that’s what we want to keep”, he considered.

The 45-year-old professional took the opportunity to leave a report on his relationship with São Paulo. “This city that welcomed me over 20 years ago. You know, I’m from Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, and I’ve always felt very comfortable in São Paulo. Here I built my family and had all these opportunities. our commitment continues to be with journalism, with useful and relevant information and with proximity to the viewer,” he informed.

“So, I already make an appeal for you to send suggestions, ideas and complaints. Keep complaining a lot that we like this journalism. I wanted to wish you [Tralli], great success on this new road, on this long road in Jornal Hoje in the place of our dearest Maju Coutinho”, he concluded.

As anticipated by TV news, the dance on the chairs within Globo’s Journalism and Entertainment sectors began with the casting of Tadeu Schmidt to the command of Big Brother Brasil. The station confirmed the change on Sunday (10).

With that, along with Poliana Abritta, Maju will occupy the place left by Schmidt in charge of the electronic magazine. Tralli was promoted to the national television news, which already featured on shifts and in eventual replacements for Maju.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Severiano replaced Carlos Tramontina in charge of SP2. Now, the journalist was hired in the first edition of the local newscast.

Check out César Tralli’s farewell on SP1: