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Paraibana said he still does not believe in the repercussion that his participation had in reality

Reproduction / Globo / 05.05.2021Juliette said she still can’t believe her success at ‘BBB 21’

Just like I said Tiago Leifert in his speech at the grand final of “BBB 21”, Juliette she may have been chased and excluded in the most watched house in Brazil, but she has always been on the podium of the majority of the public. With 90.15% of the votes, the Paraiba won the reality and won the prize of R $ 1.5 million. The sister already has more than 25.5 million followers on Instagram and is still not believing in the success she has made and continues to do outside the game. “I still haven’t managed to manage [o que aconteceu]. I’m dreaming and I can’t believe it. So far, I’m not really understanding, “commented Juliette during her participation in this Wednesday’s” Mais Você “,” They are telling me a lot of things that I wanted to hear inside and I couldn’t hear, “he added. Ana Maria Braga took advantage of the chat to try to show paraibana the impact that his participation in reality and also commented on the messages that Luan Santana said on Twitter that he left it private for his sister.

The presenter wanted to know if she had answered the country singer and the “BBB 21” champion laughed and talked about it. “I haven’t seen it, I haven’t even spoken to my mother yet. As soon as I see it, I promise I’ll show it, I mean, I’ll read it first ”, replied Juliette. Inside the house, the public learned that it was the sister who taught her mother to write and, in “Mais Você”, she explained that her mother suffered a stroke and this limited her movements: “I used this for her to train hand coordination . I taught when my sister was alive, we both taught ”. In the last days of the game, Juliette approached Fiuk and Ana Maria wanted to know if she had a chance of forming a couple. “No, he is very flirtatious, very flirtatious”, replied the champion. On the other hand, she said that Fiuk e Arcrebiano they were the most beautiful in the house. Already Gilberto, in the sister’s opinion, made the best VT’s, Joao Luiz was the most organized and the most messy were Pocah, Fiuk e Lumens.