Cheek valid Balayya .. This is the fan reaction ..!


Prime Time Zone, Web Desk: Nandamuri Balakrishna means unknown in Telugu states. As an actor, he has a special identity as a TDP MLA. There are no limits to the joy of the fans when it comes to the Balayya election campaign. Balayya was a famous hero before he became a TDP MLA. Fans compete to take a selfie with their favorite actor when he approaches them. Others, however, are curiously videotaping what their favorite actor is saying. However such adventures before childhood are very dangerous.

Doing such things will make the child scream. Phones explode. Memory cards are something to forget. And the cheeks are OK. It is well known that the cheek of many fans who have already tried for a childish selfie is valid. Balayya, who was recently involved in the municipal election campaign in Hindupuram constituency of Anantapur district, went to a house. The TDP activist took the video while speaking there. Seeing that, Balayya was furious. Gooba Guy pretended. This video has gone viral.

However, the young man, who was beaten by Balayya, responded in an interesting manner. The young man released a video saying that Balayya Babu was proud to have touched him. Balayya has been working non-stop from morning till night as part of the municipal election campaign. Balakrishna came to our elder brother’s house as part of the campaign. I felt like an outsider without knowing who I was and was pushed aside. However, NBK fans like Malan do not care about such things. If the opponents see this in a political sense, there will be no more fools like them. “I am very happy to be touched by Balayya Babu,” said the battered fan.

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