Children and sandwich shop: Cast speculates how Friends would currently be


Together after 17 years for the special Friends: The Reunion, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Courteney Cox, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer speculated how Rachel, Phoebe, Monica, Joey, Chandler and Ross would be after the end of the series in 2004. The cast predicted marriage, children and even a cafeteria.

The special will only debut in Brazil on June 29, with the launch of the HBO Max platform here. But for anxious fans, the TV News a little of what happened in the reunion.

[Atenção: Contém spoilers de Friends: The Reunion abaixo]

The predictions of the future happen at the end of the meeting, when James Corden asks the six stars how they imagine the lives of their respective characters. The first to respond is Jennifer, who envisions Ross’s fourth wedding – the second being with her. “Are we getting married?” She asks David. “Of course,” he replies, after hesitating a little.

Jennifer e David em Friends: The Reunion

“We got married and had a few more kids, and you keep playing with bones,” continues Aniston, not to mention that they already had Emma. “This is Paleontology,” corrects Ross’s interpreter, while LeBlanc laughs maliciously, as if he were really Joey there.

Courteney, for his part, does not envision big changes for Monica, but he does remember to include the twins. “I think my character is still very competitive. The children must already be trained, but she would probably be in charge of selling cookies in primary school. [em que as crianças estudaram]”, she projects.

“And you keep making me laugh every day,” she adds, after Perry manifests himself with gestures at his side, as if he were Chandler. “I had to make sure that [o casamento] it was still working, “he explains.

friends the reunion futuro monica chandler Children and sandwich shop: Cast speculates how Friends would currently be

Courteney e Matthew no especial Friends: The Reunion

Phoebe’s future is perhaps the most different of all. Lisa imagines that she and Mike (Paul Rudd), like Monica and Chandler, are no longer living in New York. “She is married. They are probably in Connecticut. They had children and I believe she would be an overprotective mother,” projects the actress.

“Because they would probably be children a little bit different from the others, you know?”, She justifies. “[Phoebe] I would be creating an arts program, with the music stuff and everything “, he completes, since Mike is a pianist.

friends the reunion futuro phoebe joey Children and sandwich shop: Cast speculates how Friends would currently be

Lisa and Matt in the special with the cast

Joey’s future is the only one that does not involve a family – the character remains womanizing. “He probably opened a sandwich shop in Venice Beach,” imagines LeBlanc, who also considers the actor’s passion for food to be great. At this point, the entire cast laughs. “Why not?” Jokes Matt.

How to watch the Friends special?

O especial Friends: The Reuniononly opens on June 29 in Brazil, as a arrival of HBO Max. The program with the main cast meeting will be one of the highlights in WarnerMedia’s new streaming service.

To attend the Friends meeting, Brazilian fans will have to subscribe to the platform, which will offer a 7-day free tasting period.

The standard plan monthly fee will cost R $ 28 – or R $ 20.07 in the 12-month loyalty package. In this modality, the client will have three simultaneous accesses and the possibility of five different users using the platform (at different times). It is available for any type of screen, with HD or 4K content, and will also allow you to download content.

HBO Max will still have a exclusive subscription plan for mobile devices. The quality of the video will be adapted to the smaller screens of tablets and smartphones. The subscription will be cheaper: R $ 19.97 per month. If you choose the annual plan, the user will have a discount and pay R $ 14.21 monthly.

Watch the meeting trailer below: