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Clodovil ‘resurrects’ as Eduardo Martini and impresses the public


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Clodovil is resurrected and is back. This is not a miracle in real life, but one made by the magic of the theater. As the talented actor Eduardo Martini, the controversial fashion and television character dominates the play Simplesmente Clô, on Saturdays, 9 pm, and Sundays, 7 pm, at Teatro União Cultural, in São Paulo.

Of the type “love it or leave it”, Clodovil Hernandes (1937-2009) set his unmistakable mark not only on TV, but in the Brazilian society. With strong opinions, he was the type that could not be ignored. Especially because he never allowed that to happen.

At the same time that he was openly gay at a time when this topic was taboo, he also threw conservative opinions in his program, making this incoherence more attractive to the public, always eager for controversy.

Clodovil was a gay man who, to be accepted by a conservative elite who bought his famous dresses, repeated himself the prejudices of this class against his homosexuality, making his words applauded by a type of person who would condemn him if he were not famous, rich and powerful.

Ridiculed for being gay

However, Clodovil was nevertheless not saved from being stereotyped and even ridiculed in front of the public. It is possible to see today in the YouTube archives his discomfort at being the victim of a homophobic joke by Sérgio Mallandro in the Silvio Santos Program.

Or the atrocious pursuit that the Pânico program did with him in the Sandals of Humility painting, ridiculing his image with the young audience that accompanied the humorous.

However, Clodovil also loved to humiliate people on TV by asking disconcerting questions that purposely exposed the ignorance of his interviewees. The celebrities were terrified of going to your program. They only went because he had a captive ibope.

Perhaps being always in a position of attack was a way for Clodovil to defend himself from a world that used to be cruel to a successful gay. He knew it bothered a lot of people. And he liked that.

It should be noted that Clodovil’s behavior needs to be seen within the time he lived. Much of the current LGBTQ + community loves to condemn him to the fires of eternal hell, but he forgets that much of the stylist-presenter’s career was built during the conservatism of the Military Dictatorship (1964-1985).

When the New Republic came, this conservatism was already so ingrained within him that it did not allow him to advance his thinking with the new times.

Mysterious death

Charisma has never been lacking in Clodovil. So much so that, when he decided to run for federal deputy, he was the third most voted in São Paulo, with 493 thousand votes, behind only Paulo Maluf and Celso Russomano in the 2006 election.

He just didn’t know that exchanging the world of entertainment for politics would also mean his end. Clodovil died in Brasília, and to this day his death is shrouded in mystery and speculation that he was murdered, as his former cook Renata Cândido Rodrigues speared Geraldo Luís, in the Record Balance of 2019 in 2019.

Actor deserves award

But let’s go back to the theater. The play Simplesmente Clô, written by Bruno Cavalcanti and directed by Viviane Alfano in partnership with Eduardo Martini himself, seeks, as its title says, to search the Clodovil man and his thoughts on his life trajectory, full of ups and downs and many enemies.

More than the controversy that has always dominated the headlines about Clodovil, since the times when he rivaled with the stylist Dener Pamplona (1937-1978) and later with the colleagues of TV Mulher (1980-1986) in Globo, Marta Suplicy and Marília Gabriela , what matters in the play is the man behind the fame. This is the great merit of the show: escaping the obvious about Clodovil.

Eduardo Martini amazes the public with an impressive characterization. As a stylist, he proves to be one of the most intuitive actors of his generation. It is so credible, it haunts the way he speaks and gestures the artist, using a machine gun of phrases in which words are left. After all, Clodovil always had a lot to say about everything. Its famous “truths”.

Like Clodovil, Eduardo Martini celebrates his 60 years of life in great style, courageously resisting in the theater in times of pandemic. Your work is worthy of being rewarded. On stage, he has the complicity not only of the public that is loyal to him but also of the public longing to see Clodovil, whose death will be 12 years old on March 17 next.

In the session seen by this critic, there was even a caravan of ladies who traveled, masked, from Santos to São Paulo just to watch the show. At the end, they applauded standing up, thrilled to meet an old TV acquaintance on stage.

It is worth noting that the assembly follows all the sanitary protocols provided for in the São Paulo Plan due to the Covid-19 pandemic, respecting the public’s distance in the theater with reduced capacity, mandatory use of a mask by everyone and a lot of gel alcohol in the hall the charming União Cultural Theater.

In time: in the same theater, on Fridays, at 9:00 pm, the tireless Eduardo Martini can also be seen as another famous character on TV, the amusing Neide Boa Sorte, a rich and tongue-tied woman who for years has been his mood in the Hebe Camargo’s program at SBT.

Having said all that, this critic indicates: call that person who can no longer stand being confined, put on their masks, lick their hands with gel alcohol and run to the theater to check out the work of this great Brazilian theater actor named Eduardo Martini.

Wherever he is, Clodovil must be happy to be remembered in this country with no memory. After all, what he really loved was being in the mouth of the people.

Simply Clô
Assessment: great
When: Saturday, 9 pm, Sunday, 7 pm. 60 min 12 years.
Where: União Cultural Theater (Rua Mário Amaral, 209, Paraíso, Brigadeiro Subway, São Paulo, SP. Tel. 11 3885-2242).
How much: R $ 35 and R $ 70 at Sympla

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