CNN Brasil misses the costume, and Carla Vilhena’s body ‘some’ live


Pandemia’s CPI made Carla Vilhena extend her working hours at CNN Brasil this Tuesday (18th) and also be betrayed by her costume, which made her “disappear” in the news CNN Vision, becoming camouflaged. Upon returning from a commercial break, she left her bench and positioned herself next to a screen to correct the faux pas.

The CNN Vision is normally shown from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm, but the journalist appeared live and camouflaged at 4:50 pm, just after the end of Ernesto Araújo’s ex-Minister of Foreign Affairs. And the backdrop of the newscast has a glass mat in the background that shows Avenida Paulista. As the day darkened earlier than usual, the anchor’s black costume made it appear “floating”.

Carla Vilhena had to stand on CNN Vision

“It was all dark, I had to get up here, because it was a dark background, with a dark shirt, it looked like I was in inappropriate clothes. But my scenario is made for [o telejornal] be during the day “, said Carla, laughing, justifying the gaffe.

At this moment, she was already standing beside one of the vertical screens of her scenario, when she called her analysts to comment on Araújo’s testimony and went back to playing with the situation.

“I came here to our big screen so as not to look like it was a floating head,” she said, before starting the conversation with Iuri Pitta.

The fact did not go unnoticed by the viewers, who were amused by the unusual situation. “Carla Vilhena even had to leave the glass because her clothes were mixing with the night scene haha”, wrote João Paulo on Twitter. “Carla Vilhena is very focused, her head is at work. Her body …”, tweeted the profile of Revista Absurda. Check out the publications: