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‘Colorful friend’ of Medina, Leticia Bufoni mocks surfer and Yasmin Brunet


Leticia Bufoni, Gabriel Medina’s “colorful friend” in the past, made fun of the surfer and Yasmin Brunet this Sunday morning (1st). The skater shared a meme that she played with the couple right after Bruno Fratus’ bronze medal, who gave his wife a kiss at the Tokyo Olympic Games. “Can you imagine Yasmin and Medina seeing this?” the publication read.

Leticia shared the meme with laughing emojis and quickly started receiving comments from Internet users on Twitter. “Skateboard’s mamacita does it all,” wrote user Alexandre Santana. “Letícia, thank you for entering these Olympics and also for generating gossip”, thanked another, identified as Ju.

Given the repercussion of the tweet, the skater made a new post. “Oxiii, can’t you even laugh anymore?”, joked the Olympic athlete, who later explained: “I just giggled because I thought the post was funny, and they’re already saying that I’m needling people… Jeez, I’m not needing anyone” .

Fratus’ kiss with Michelle Lenhardt, who is his wife and swimming coach, generated the comparison of netizens with the couple Yasmin and Medina. The two fought a battle with the COB (Brazilian Olympic Committee) so that the model could go to Tokyo, but they were unsuccessful.

Bufoni’s publication, however, generated speculation on the internet, as the skateboarder and the surfer lived a “colorful friendship”, as she defined it when questioned by fans, shortly before Medina began dating Yasmin.

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