Confined to BBB21, Gilberto passed a PhD in the United States


Big Brother Brasil 21 participant, economist Gilberto Nogueira passed the PhD selection at a university in Texas, in the United States. Dona Jacira, mother of Pernambuco, broke the news to her son’s followers last Saturday (13) through Instagram.

“Hello, vigorous and vigorous. Today I came here to share fresh news with you. Gilberto, my son, was accepted at the University of Texas. I heard about this news yesterday, I was very happy, ”she said in a video published on the social network.

In an interview with the BBB Network, Jacira celebrated the novelty, which is the result of much effort. “It is his lifelong dream. Entering a university abroad, this is the result of a lot of study and dedication. Days and days without leaving home, without having contact with anyone, without going to parties, without anything . “

On social media, Gilberto is one of the favorites to win the BBB21. The economist won the support of the public, mainly after removing the game from Karol Conká. After starring in scenes of humiliation involving Lucas Penteado, who dropped out of the program, the rapper’s popularity dropped dramatically.

Watch the video below:

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