Confrontation, tears and accusation: Check out what happened at Power Couple Brasil


The Tuesday (8) edition of Power Couple Brasil 5 showed Li Martins’ regret after his fight with Márcia Felipe. The former Rouge burst into tears when talking about the argument that marked the last game of contention. Nina Cachoeira and Mirela Janis clashed after the Women’s Test, while Matheus Yurley stated that Deborah Albuquerque and Bruno Salomão had cheated to win the day’s dynamics.

The program showed the audience a scene in which Li appears talking to Deborah about her disagreement with Márcia Fellipe. “I felt bad for the things I said to Marcinha, I’m not one to lose control like that”, lamented the singer.

In the deposition booth, JP Mantovani’s wife still burst into tears when commenting on her feud with the forró singer. “I’m very careful with words because I look really bad,” he explained.

While Li was sorry for the shack, Marcia reinforced her rancidity for the game’s opponent. “I’m sure she’s fake, I don’t think, I’m sure,” snapped Rod Bala’s partner, on her appearance in the deposition booth.

Marcia and Li also fell out again in the dressing room in the evidence area. Intrigued by a comment that the former Rouge had made about her, Márcia pressured her opponent and stated that she is not “a woman to send hints”. “I always feel very irony in the things she says, she’s always defensive, always very reactive,” complained JP’s partner.

Proof makes hired

The Women’s Test also yielded comments among Power Couple participants. Rod Bala turned in the evidence to save Mirela and Yugnir Angelo from the hot seat. “Yugnir was in a risky zone, we preferred to lose to help them,” explained the music producer when he gave up on the competition.

Rod’s attitude, however, created a buzz around the house. Fábio Castro called Márcia’s husband to question him about withdrawing from the race. “I’ll be very frank, I need to know: was there a game delivery?” asked the dancer. “It’s clear to the house that whatever I can do for both of them, I’m going to do it,” replied the producer.

“Me and Dany [Daniele Hypolito] we wouldn’t play that kind of game. This I can be sure of, but they have the free will to do what they want. Who will judge, will be the public”, commented Fábio in the testimony booth.

Matheus’ accusation about the possible cheating of Deborah and Bruno in the Women’s Test was also clarified by Adriane Galisteu. After the influencer complained that the actress had communicated with her husband during the activity, the presenter appeared to talk about the matter and announced the two couples as winners of the dynamic.

“Matheus complained that Deborah questioned the test’s feedback and a moment when she couldn’t have done it. In fact, it was a misunderstanding on our part. Deborah still hadn’t put all the pieces, where was I? I couldn’t see Deborah’s tower, I ended up questioning Deborah at that moment. Bruno’s reaction when I turned around when I questioned him may have given her some clue,” began Galisteu.

Adriane clarified that, despite the direction having validated the phoenix couple’s victory, a new assessment had to be made later. “Thus, it was decided that both Deborah and Mari fulfilled the test”, completed the contracted Record.

Post-test confrontation

Nina and Mirela fell out after the women’s dispute ended. Yugnir’s partner didn’t like to hear a possible provocation from Filipe Duarte’s partner and faced it in front of other participants.

“All of us going to the DR don’t have to run away,” the blonde told Matheus. “If it’s for me, you’ll tell me,” countered the “creaminha”. Mirela’s answer made Nina quite angry and ended up yielding a small conflict between the two.

“I’m not one to do what you just did, to call me in front of everyone,” Filipe’s wife complained. “I heard you talking and if it’s for me, I want to know,” Janis explained.

Check out some moments from this Tuesday’s edition:

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