Confusion with Anvisa in the Brazil-Argentina game makes Luciano Huck a joke


The confusion with Anvisa (National Health Surveillance Agency) during the Brazil-Argentina match for the World Cup qualifiers this Sunday (5) made Luciano Huck become a joke on social networks. With the suspension of the match due to violation of the health safety protocols of Argentine players, Domingão’s debut with Huck on Globo was uncertain.

The South American classic would be broadcast by Globo, but, early on, Anvisa agents invaded the field to interrupt the match for public health reasons, as Argentines falsified documents required by the agency to enter Brazil during the Covid pandemic -19.

The narrator Galvão Bueno expressed irritation with the situation after learning that the CBF (Brazilian Football Confederation) and Conmebol (South American Football Confederation) worked behind the scenes to release that Argentine players, who spent the last 14 days in the United Kingdom, not comply with the proper quarantine required in Brazil and enter the field. “They were irresponsible. It’s a worldwide shame,” cried the announcer.

On social networks, however, Internet users are amused by the setback, which affects the debut of the former Caldeirão do Huck titleholder on Sundays on Globo TV. “Argentines are sacrificing themselves to delay this game and take Luciano Huck off our TV. Misunderstood heroes”, mocked Canelada FC’s Twitter profile:

“Well, friends, the game was unfortunately cancelled, creating a terrible climate and showing a shame never seen in the world… How sad. But come on, Luciano Huck, good debut for you on Globo, see you again around here”, joked the humorist Marcos Castro, simulating a speech by Galvão.

“You who don’t understand, this is to avoid Luciano Huck’s debut on Sundays,” commented a profile identified only as Yuri. “Tell Anvisa that if he doesn’t have a game, the Brazilian will have to put up with two more hours than Luciano Huck”, feared Glauber Macario.

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