Cora de Império, Drica Moraes loses her fear of death: ‘I’m a bad vase’


Drica Moraes had to leave Império and be replaced in a hurry when facing health problems amidst the recordings of the plot currently repeated at nine o’clock. After undergoing a bone marrow transplant in 2011 and suffering from bouts of labyrinthitis in 2014, the actress confessed to having lost her fear of death, despite having lived with anguish during the pandemic.

“Since I almost died ten years ago, I don’t have this fear. I was stuck by a thread and this planet. I think I’m really a bad vase,” she reported in an interview with Extra’s TV e Lazer section.

“I felt a little this anguish of life [na pandemia], see her changing, the son [Mateus, 12 anos] growing up without friends, his learning difficulties, overworking at home, this causes me a lot of anxiety in the pandemic. More than dying. I’ve already faced death so much that I lost my fear,” said Drica.

In her last week in Império, the 52-year-old artist killed her longing for the villain. When she had to walk away from the soap opera, in her first role in a central nine o’clock plot, she was torn apart.

“It was a very important role. I was horny to play! Cora demanded too much physically and emotionally. I went to the Projac, but I didn’t have a voice. I had been with gastritis for a while, then labyrinthitis. low immunity,” he explained.

“It had nothing to do with the serious illness I had had four years before, but I still wasn’t able to face so many hours of work for so many months. I even went to the scene where she and the commander [Alexandre Nero] go to the hotel, but I didn’t have a shred of voice and there were six pages of text to speak. So the author [Aguinaldo Silva] made that decision. I was scared at the time, but it was what had to be done and I accepted it,” she said.

Now, Drica relives the separation between actress and character in the rerun that was her first job after facing a myeloid leukemia, which ended with a bone marrow transplant in 2011. In this Monday’s chapter (2), Marjorie Estiano, who had played the character in the first phase of the serial, will already appear in Drica’s place.

Back in Under Pressure

The actress won’t be away from the public for long: she will re-emerge as the doctor Vera in the unreleased season of Sob Pressure, scheduled to debut on August 12th. The character presented himself as a challenge for the actress, due to the recordings during the pandemic.

After a special on Covid-19 in 2020, in which Drica did not participate in person because she belonged to the risk group, this time she came out of quarantine and recorded with her colleagues. “I was very present, there was nothing at a distance. I entered with a lot of fear because we were still recording at a stage where there was no vaccination. But there was a very strict protocol, which made me safe,” he explained.

“It was a very demanding job, but we were very happy. We have 11 episodes ready and we didn’t have any casualties, nobody got sick,” said the actress, who said that death is not a constant concern in her life.

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