Couple from ‘Fazenda 12’, Mariano asks Jakelyne for dating at the turn of the year – Prime Time Zone


The couple was formed in ‘A Fazenda 12’ and, after the controversy that the singer had someone else, they decided to make the relationship official

Reproduction / Instagram / marianoMariano and Jakelyne are officially dating

The turn of the year was special for the ex-peoa Jakelyne Oliveira, because Mariano decided to make the relationship with the model official as soon as it was midnight. “I was asked to date. He waited for the 5, 4, 3, 2.1, happy new year [para ele me dizer]: ‘Wants to date me?’. So that’s it, guys, 2021 dating ”, said the miss with a smile on her face in Instagram stories. Mariano and Jakelyne participated in the reality show “The Farm 12”And inside the house they formed a couple, but many people were in doubt as to whether they would continue together, since the sertanejo always made it clear that he did not know how things would be out here. One of the controversies involving the couple in attracting Record is that Luiza Ambiel spread in the house that he heard the singer say that he had someone else out of reality. When he was eliminated, he confessed that he was staying with a friend before going to “A Fazenda”, but that it was not a courtship. It seems that after the confinement, Mariano and Jakelyne had time to be together and decided to bet on that relationship.