Couples in shock and ‘divine sign’: Check out what happened at Power Couple Brasil


The result of the second DR of the Power Couple Brasil 5 left most of the participants in shock. The return of Deborah Albuquerque and Bruno Salomão moved, mainly, with Mirela Janis and Mari Matarazzo, disaffected by the actress in the game. On the other hand, Márcia Fellipe began to thank God for the elimination of MC Mirella and Dynho Alves.

Before another couple left the game, the reality audience was able to check out some scenes that marked the day of the confined. After the formation of the hot seat on Wednesday (26), Mirela Janis reacted to her fight with Deborah. “She had no respect for me at all,” lamented the former MTV in the testimony booth.

In conversation with Li Martins, Mari reinforced her rivalry with Deborah and said that she does not want to chat with Bruno’s wife. “She didn’t even want to look me in the face, then today, here on live, she says she wants closeness, that she wants to settle with me. I don’t want to, if she had come earlier, I wouldn’t have decided,” shot Matheus Yurley’s partner .

In another section of the edition, Bruno and Deborah approached Márcia and Rod Bala. The doctor wanted to discuss matters with Casal Power. After the weather, the forró singer evaluated the attitude of the two rivals. “I, in my opinion, think Bruno and Deborah are very unbalanced,” she said in the testimony booth.

Nina Cachoeira, who was in the DR of the week, also appeared to opine on Deborah’s comment about her. The ex-Ronaldinha chose Filipe Duarte’s wife to duel in the Women’s Test with the justification that Nina, like herself, suffers from panic syndrome.

“I won’t take anything to heart, I thought it was beautiful of her to have asked for forgiveness,” commented the digital influencer.

Although the blonde took away any hurt by Deborah’s attitude, Filipe took his partner’s pains and went to charge Bruno. “Your wife chose my wife to duel. When the test was over, she came to my wife and said that she chose her to duel because she has panic syndrome,” said the singer. “No, Deborah said that she was nervous just like her”, tried to justify the doctor, who was quite lost with the pressure of the opponent.

Unexpected deletion

After MC Mirella and Dynho were announced as the night outs, Deborah and Bruno returned to the Power mansion. As soon as the two opened the door, silence reigned. They were embraced by some participants, but most of those confined were in shock. Mirela Janis was clearly shaken by Deborah’s return and shed some tears. She was comforted by Mari and Daniele Hypolito.

Márcia Fellipe, on the other hand, did not hide her happiness when she learned of the departure of MC Mirella, her main opponent in the game. The forró singer started shouting phrases like “Gloria a Deus” and “checkmate, my lord”. “Brazil is seeing everything,” replied Rod Bala.

Check out some moments from this Thursday’s edition:

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