Cult Horror and Sex Production: 5 ‘Unknown’ Movies to Watch on Netflix


The most popular streaming platform in the world, Netflix plays against itself and can even bore audiences with recommendations from the same catalog, or highlights for just one genre of movies and series. European and non-original productions of the service do not get the spotlight on the service’s home page.

However, from Polish film about love and sex to psychological thriller, Netflix has in its catalog “hidden” and little commented productions that deserve to be discovered. The long ones escape the Hollywood pattern and present intriguing plots with different scenarios.

To help the public find these “unknown” productions, the TV news presents a list of five movies available on Netflix that did not gain prominence on the platform.

Netflix ‘Unknown’ Movies

Check out the complete list below, with trailers, synopses and release dates:

At Christmas time, violinist Sebastian (Dragos Bucur) and actress Aprilia (Raluca Aprodu) must fight for their dreams and for love. A woman has to find the balance between responsibility and adventure while being influenced by three different men.

During the Communist regime, a Polish gynecologist fights against censorship in order to publish a book that addresses sexuality in a context critical to the prevailing tradition. Despite the difficulties, the circulation of written material generates immediate interest and starts a sexual revolution in the country.

Directed and written by Matt Palmer, the film shows the adventure of two childhood friends. Vaughn (Jack Lowden) and Marcus (Martin McCann) decide to enjoy the weekend and travel to the Scottish countryside. On site, they are surprised by an adverse situation that, to overcome, they will have to act as if nothing was happening.

In this macabre thriller, an exceptional musician meets her former mentors. The protagonist is surprised by the masters’ new talented apprentice. As she sets aside her quest for perfection, she embarks on a sinister journey.

In the plot, a young gamer must fight for his life in the face of a zombie apocalypse. The situation gets even more complicated when the power to your apartment is cut off. Thus, he can no longer converse with relatives and friends or connect with the outside world.