Cultural appropriation? Patricia Poet wears a gi in the ‘Encounter’ and shares opinions – Prime Time Zone


Moderator received a lot of criticism and also support after wearing a typical costume to talk about Japan

Reproduction/Globe/22.07.2021Patricia Poeta presented a special about Japan at the ‘Encounter’ in the gi

the presenter Patricia Poet is replacing Fatima Bernardes in the “Encontro” and this Thursday, 22, she ended up in the most talked about topics on Twitter by opening the program using a kimono to talk about Japan. Taking advantage of the Tokyo Olympics hook, Globo’s morning attraction decided to talk about Japanese culture. The idea was to pay tribute to the country that hosts the Olympic Games, but Patricia was the target of criticism and ended up being accused of cultural appropriation because of her clothes. “2021 and they thought it would be a good thing to dress Patricia Poet like that and call it a costume. It’s great,” wrote a follower. “Patricia Poet at the ‘Encounter’ dressed as a geisha. Wasn’t there one on this team to stop this?”, commented another. “Yes, my loves. Patricia Poeta is making cultural appropriation of the oppressed Japanese society devalued all over the planet”, added another one.

On the other hand, the presenter also received support from people who believe that her wearing the gi is not a cultural appropriation. “People say that Patricia Poet is dressed as a geisha just because she is wearing a gi. Brazilians need to read a little more about what cultural appropriation really is,” said one follower. “First study to find out what cultural appropriation is, then you criticize someone like Patricia Poet. How much Toxicity,” said another. “Poor Patrícia Poeta is going to take away every teenager who thinks that everything is cultural appropriation,” added one person. “Patricia Poet went to the Japan and bought the gi there! It’s hers! She can use it however she wants”, posted another one. See the repercussion: