Curtains or blinds? What is the best solution for your home?


In interior decoration, the curtains they serve as an ornament, but mainly as a regulator of light entering the rooms.

But there are several different models of curtains, with closing systems and collection of variable parts, which impact the look of the scenarios and also the environmental comfort. Below, you can check out ideas for models to use in service areas such as kitchens.

# 1 French curtain

Homedit 2 Curtains or blinds? What is the best solution for your home? Example of ruffled kitchen curtain

Example of a ruffled curtain in the kitchen (Viva Decora/Publishing)

Classic-style kitchen decor goes well with a ruffled curtain made of fabric and fastened to a rod.

This element can even provide privacy and control the intake of air and pollution, but its function in the environment will be, first, aesthetic. And due to its type of stitching – aside from the possible pattern details – it should draw a lot of attention in the setting.

So that the look of the environment doesn’t get too heavy, you should opt for a lighter fabric curtain, such as lace – including for a small bandô.

Side straps are only needed when the curtain parts are too long. And the calculation for the width of the fabric, in this case, must follow the following logic: for every 1 m of window, 3 meters of fabric will be needed plus the additions for hems.

An important note: certain types of folds, such as the Austrian ones, may have a different calculation for the tissue. But we will not go into detail on this, as they are not suitable for kitchen decor proposals.

#2 Bandô

Dearmotoris Curtains or blinds? What is the best solution for your home? Shorter curtains are called “bandô”

Shorter curtains are called “bandô” (Viva Decora/Publishing)

Fabric curtains can be attached to rods in two ways. A very nice idea for kitchens are curtains with handles or rings, which make it easier to remove the items to wash – something that should be done constantly for the sake of health.

And it is important to emphasize that the first loop or loop should be attached in the center of the length of the fabric, then the others spaced every 15 or 20 cm.

It is generally preferred to make a shorter, bando-like curtain for kitchens. Old model windows can have this type of part positioned at the center of the span height or split into two parts in height.

But another idea, now for taller curtains, are those in which the fabric strips are interspersed with crochet strips or cotton lace, for example. Only the decoration of the environment is a charm.

Second note: the pleating system used in bands can be repeated at the bottom of the curtain when you want to fix it at the top and bottom of the window. This is an advantage when the kitchen has, for example, a shuttered window.

# 3 Roman Curtain

Cortina Romana

Roman Curtain (Viva Decora/Disclosure)

Shutters also blend in with kitchen decor and are an excellent choice for many other areas of the home. A very nice model that can be handcrafted in fabric, with the help of a sewing machine, is the Roman curtain. It should cover the window from the base to the ceiling, where some segments overlap about 5 to 15 cm.

# 4 Blind Curtain

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Image without credit and source

As for ready-made blinds, purchased in specialized stores, the best option is certainly the roller blind.

These blinds match virtually every room in the house and are, today, the most modern curtain alternative for kitchens and laundry rooms. They only cover the window surface, in a simple, sporty style. And they use less fabric – just needing another 40 cm for the hem.

Third note from our text: ordinary shutters with a string of metal rods are often a more affordable feature. But this curtain model accumulates a lot of dust and grease; therefore, it would be more difficult to clean, posing a health risk.

Anyway, it is not very suitable for kitchen decoration. However, we will see several examples of projects using this type of blind to close windows.

#5 Straw curtain

Kitchen Design e Viva Decora Curtains or blinds? What is the best solution for your home? Straw curtain

Straw Curtain (Viva Decora/Disclosure)

Panel-type curtains, made of rattan, are yet another blind alternative – both conventional and in roller design – seen in some kitchen decor projects. Again, they are not the best option for environments with fat accumulations. But we can consider whether they will be installed far from cooking zones, for example. In addition, its look is incomparable, referring to a more rustic, familiar and welcoming aesthetic.

#6 Cortina double-vision

News and Talk about Home Decorating Ideas e Homedit Curtains or blinds? What is the best solution for your home? Cortina Double Vision

Double Vision Curtain (Viva Decora/Disclosure)

Recently, the market gained a new model of blinds, the double-vision. This is another type of roller blind, but with the difference of having horizontal bands interspersed with opaque and translucent fabric.

The idea is to be able to keep the curtain closed, guaranteeing at the same time, privacy for residents and also a view of the outside area. And as the adjustment gets lighting effects in different intensities.

Last note: there is no need to be afraid of having a double-vision curtain in the kitchen. That’s because this type of curtain is easy to maintain. Its two fabrics are washable. Just rub a soft cloth dampened with water and mild detergent into the mixture and you’re done – leave the curtain down until it dries completely.

So, did you like it?

Many options, all beautiful! So it’s even difficult to choose one. But use your good taste and creativity to make your home even more beautiful, whether with curtains or blinds.

These decorating tips were created by the team. Viva Decora.