Dance with one of the largest companies in Brazil, Grupo Corpo


Grupo Corpo reaches 2021 with actions that seek to be in tune with the moment that the country is going through. The first is the Grupo Corpo project that invites everyone to dance, a reissue of dance classes for health professionals, held in 2020, now expanded to the general public, which will take place online every Friday in March, at 19h. In addition, the new choreography is already in composition, in partnership with Palavra Cantada, with a premiere scheduled for the second semester.

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Still in the beginning of 2020, with the health crisis, two movements took place: campaigns to value health professionals and, in art, the need for artists and companies to reinvent themselves in the face of restrictive measures. Adding the two fronts, Grupo Corpo launched the Grupo Corpo on Duty project, which offered dance classes for frontline professionals at covid-19. “We broke our brains to think about how to create something in line with what was happening. And, of course, the need for recognition of the work of health professionals came first. Why, then, not try to offer a little bit of relief, joy and relaxation, through dance classes inspired by the works of the Body? And it was very cool! The result was beyond all our expectations “, says Claudia Ribeiro, director of programming for the mining company.