Daughter of Fafá from Belém is criticized for saying that Bolsonaro has ‘poop breath’ – Prime Time Zone


Mariana Belém suffered virtual attacks while commenting on the president’s state of health

Reproduction/Instagram/maribelemMariana Belém, daughter of Fafá de Belém, was criticized by Bolsonaro supporters

the actress and singer Mariana Bethlehem, daughter of also singer Fafa de Belem, was criticized on social networks for making a controversial post last Wednesday, 14, about the state of health of the president Jair Bolsonaro. “Were the hiccups/burping shit going up? Was he intubated so as not to breathe the fecal fluid up through his stomach? Imagine the breath, Brazil”, wrote Mariana on Twitter. The president was diagnosed with intestinal subocclusion and is hospitalized in São Paulo with no expected discharge. Bolsonaro had been complaining for days of abdominal discomfort and excessive hiccups. After making the post that comments on the president’s state of health, Fafá de Belém’s daughter began to suffer virtual attacks from Bolsonaro supporters.

This Thursday, 15, Mariana returned to social media to defend herself from criticism and commented that her family was also involved in the story. “I’m being attacked by the Pocketminions because I mentioned the poop breath. I didn’t celebrate illness, I didn’t wish any harm, I just said that the hiccup was fecal remains rising (this is in the articles about hospitalization). Result: they attack me, my mother and talk about my daughters. Predictable”, posted the actress, who is the mother of Laura, 8, and Júlia, 4 years old. Fafá de Belém’s daughter also said that at no time did she wish the president ill. “I wanted you to find in this tweet where I wanted or celebrated the hospitalization. The information on the fecal fluid is in the articles that came out about the hospitalization. This is my comment. There is no evil wish or celebration below”, he concluded.