Daughter of Heloisa Périssé accuses ex-BBBs of stealing jobs from real actors


Luisa Períssé, daughter of Heloisa Périssé, tore up the verb when talking about the job opportunities available to Brazilian actors. According to her, ex-participants of Big Brother Brazil and digital influencers are stealing the vacancies that should be destined to professionals who studied to act. “Nobody can take it anymore,” she snapped.

The actress’s outburst was made through Instagram’s Stories tool. “There are so many very talented people, who study, who have their lives dedicated to it and are stuck because the ex-BBB is occupying the place, and the blogger with 100,000 followers too.”

“Basically that’s what I’m talking about, with harsh words, but I have to say. No one can take it anymore, man. It’s okay for the person who participates in the BBB to gain 1 million followers. But BBB can’t be for series, BBB is for Roda the Jequiti Wheel, which you root for someone to win. It’s not for the person to leave the BBB and go to a series. The person has to leave the BBB and go to A Fazenda,” she continued.

The actress’ statement was made after a print was leaked on social media, in which an agency announces opportunities for actors who have more than 10,000 followers on Instagram.

With the repercussion of the comment, Luisa commented on the matter this Wednesday (8): “The only thing I want to say is: I don’t want to belittle anyone. But the number of followers does not measure capacity,” she said in a published video in Instagram Stories.

Watch the video: