Deborah delivers that she entered Power Couple to be cheered on the streets


Deborah Albuquerque admitted that she entered Power Couple Brasil 5 with one goal: to become famous. This Sunday (4), the ex-Ronaldinha told JP Mantovani, Thiago Bertoldo and Georgia Fröhlich that she expects to be cheered on the streets after the reality show, including in everyday attitudes, such as a trip to the market.

“I just wanted to become better known. Have you thought if I can?”, said the redhead, and Georgia immediately questioned: “Going to the market and turning into chaos, is that your goal?”. “Everyone is stopping, and she is saying a miss goodbye. She will enter the market and say: ‘Hi, it’s me,'” said the model.

The inmates burst out laughing at the comment, and the countryman reinforced the question: “Do you want to not be able to go to the market?” “I want to! I want to talk to the people, take a picture! I’m going to lie? I want to, I like the people, I’m one of those people who’ll hug everyone. I’ll go crazy if they call me”, promised Bruno Salomão’s wife.

Thaeme Mariôto’s partner in the sertaneja duo, Thiago reinforced that, in his view, the best thing is to be able to go to places without complications because of the public. “Have you thought? [Parar os lugares] Why do people like you? It must be a trip to be famous, you already are!” Deborah continued, ignoring the advice.

Surprised by the report, Li Martins’ husband asked the singer to explain the bad part of the fame to Deborah, but the redhead followed up with comments about her dream.

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