Deborah makes an intimate demand for JP at Power Couple Brasil: ‘I don’t want to see it’


At Power Couple Brasil 5, Deborah Albuquerque decided to make an intimate demand for JP Mantovani, her ex-affair and current husband of Li Martins. This Saturday (3), the actress got dressed in the room of the allies and ordered the model to take a bath in swim trunks. “I don’t want to see anyone naked,” she said.

“I’m going to take a shower real quick,” JP said to Li. Deborah, who was in the couple’s room at the time, snapped, “Take a swimsuit, I don’t want to see anyone naked!”

During the stay in someone else’s room, the member of the phoenix couple also used some accessories from the former Rouge. “Will you think I’m abused if I take an earring from you?” Deborah asked. “No, take it,” Li authorized, and Bruno Salomão’s wife justified: “You have so many, I would like just one so you don’t go naked [ao campo de provas]”.

Minutes later, Deborah and Bruno talked about the Men’s Test, which will be held this Saturday, but Record will only exhibit on Monday (5). Due to the legacy of Filipe Duarte and Nina Cachoeira’s DR, Georgia Fröhlich will have to compete in place of Thiago Bertoldo.

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