Delayed, GloboNews hammers out Aline Midlej’s debut at J10


GloboNews hammered out the baton from Heraldo Pereira to Aline Midlej in Jornal das 10. Initially scheduled for June, the exchange of presenters will take place this Monday (5), when the veteran will return to Bom Dia Brasil.

“The master Heraldo Pereira leaves a legacy of credibility. I hope to maintain this strength, with dynamism and lightness in communicating the most important facts of the day. That subscribers end the day with the most fitting facts in their minds and doses of hope in their hearts”, said Aline Midlej in a statement released by Globo to the press on Friday (2).

Miguel Athayde, Journalism director at GloboNews, highlighted that Aline’s arrival in the main newspaper of the news channel marks a new chapter in the history of the program, which will also have a new scenario and will be produced again in Rio de Janeiro –com the entry of Pereira, the base of the TV news was transferred to Brasília.

During Friday’s J10, Heraldo welcomed the new TV news presenter: “Say goodbye to J10, I’m back to Bom Dia Brasil, from TV Globo, thank you very much for your audience, thank you very much. You’re now with the Aline Midlej in charge of the house”.

As disclosed by TV news in May, the chair dance in Globo’s Journalism department was intended to contain an internal unrest. Aline, who was the owner of the 10th Edition, showed displeasure with the changes that the head wanted to make in the morning news, incorporating José Roberto Burnier and Leilane Neubarth in the attraction.