Did you like Round 6? Watch 5 Netflix series as crazy as the South Korean


Netflix’s worldwide phenomenon, Round 6 is one of the most talked about subjects of the moment and has everything to break records in streaming. The South Korean production attracted audiences with bizarre games and harrowing suspense. In addition to dominating the Top 10 of the platform’s catalogue, the series became an attraction on TikTok, in which videos about the episodes accumulate billions of views.

While season two remains uncertain, Round 6 fans can enjoy other productions similar to the South Korean plot. The series, after all, isn’t even Netflix’s craziest anymore.

From dystopian societies to a building full of monsters, the streaming platform adds several “crazy” productions to its catalogue. O TV news separated five series as crazy as Round 6, available on Netflix:

Round 6 series

Check out the complete list below, with trailers, synopses and release dates:

From the creators of Babylon 5 (1993-1998) and The Matrix (1999), the series follows eight inexplicably intertwined strangers. While trying to avoid their extermination, the group shares thoughts, feelings and skills.

In the not-too-distant postapocalyptic future, the planet is a devastated place. The Continent is a region of Brazil that is decaying and lacking in resources. At 20 years of age, every citizen is given the chance to undergo the Process, a rigorous selection of physical, moral and psychological tasks. The 3% of applicants who manage to pass the tests gain access to the Mar Alto, where life opportunities are extensive.

Based on the homonymous manga by Haro Aso, the series follows the journey of Ryohei Arisu (Kento Yamazaki). His life was normal until he woke up one day in a Tokyo completely different from what he was used to. In this strange version of the city, he and his friends become characters in a dangerous game and must follow the rules to survive.

Launched in 2011, the science fiction anthology series explores a near future, in which human nature and cutting-edge technology enter into a dangerous conflict. Each episode tells a different story — always one more freaky than the one before.

When humans turn to wild monsters and spread terror, a tormented young man and his apartment neighbors have the difficult task of struggling to survive without losing the humanity within.

Watch the trailer subtitled for Round 6: below