Director Breno Silveira breaks silence about accusations of Pedro Dom’s family


Director of Prime Video’s Dom series, Breno Silveira broke the silence and spoke about the accusations of Pedro Dom’s family, the main character of the production. He released a letter to the cast after Erika Grandinetti, Pedro’s sister, published on social media that the repercussion of Dom’s true story on TV caused the family suffering.

Silveira defended himself by saying that the statements were “inaccurate and complicated”. According to a document released by columnist Patrícia Kogut, he stated that he decided to build the series about the middle-class young man, who is starting to rob mansions in Rio de Janeiro, to portray a “social and family problem that happens more than we imagine”.

“I was very surprised and sad today. One of Victor’s daughters [Dantas, pai de Pedro Dom] gave inaccurate and complicated statements about the Dom series, and I understand. When I first came into contact with this story, it was Victor himself who brought it to me. A father and a daughter wanting to tell their own story. On the other side, a mother and another daughter not wanting to talk about this same story. Unfortunately, a broken family,” the statement began.

Breno also explained the reasons why the production of the series went ahead. According to him, there was an agreement with Pedro Dom’s family.

“I always thought that father and daughter had the right to want to take this story forward, and that’s how it was done. The agreements were duly made and they had a large share of contribution in this narrative, following the construction of this script.”

The director also stressed that “the whole story is told from a point of view, the point of view that came to me”. “Father and daughter are partners in the book that was the basis of everything and the series. A book that has never been contested before by either side of this family,” he added.

The process that the clan moves against the platform and the Conspiracy Films, responsible producer, begins to surface. “It’s a lot of pain,” said Nídia Sarmento, mother of the young man who gives the series its name.

About this statement, Breno Silveira declared: “Part of the fruits of this work were destined for the future of the son that Pedro left as a baby, as agreed with Victor and his youngest daughter”.

In an open letter posted on Facebook, prior to Breno’s, Erika Grandinetti said that her father was never the hero shown in the series. “My father spit on the floor inside the house, he was violent when he fought with my mother. He framed her as if he were talking to a rapist. This is Victor Dantas. All the intimidation and violence that my brother practiced was learned from his father. That hero father never existed. My brother always felt pain, but the father taught that men don’t cry,” he fired.

Produced by Conspiração Filmes, the Dom series is directed by Breno Silveira. Gabriel Leone plays the main character, and Flavio Tolezani plays Victor Dantas. The cast also includes names such as Isabella Santoni, Raquel Villar, Laila Garin and Wilson Rabelo.

Dom portrays the true story of Pedro Dom, a middle-class young man who starts using cocaine and, to support his addictions to dust and adrenaline, starts to rob mansions in Rio de Janeiro.

The character is shown as a father seeking his son’s redemption. In each episode, the viewer is taken to the dilemma of the agent who has dedicated his life to fighting drugs, but who is unable to defeat the chemical enemy within his own home.

See the trailer and teaser for Dom below: