Director of the ‘Power Couple’ reveals which couple starred in the ‘gemidão’ in reality; see – Young Pan


Rodrigo Carelli also told which couple asked for silence for participants in the neighboring room

Disclosure / Record / 18.05.2021Li Martins and JP Mantovani are responsible for the ‘twinning’ in the ‘Power Couple’

Rodrigo Carelli, director of “Power Couple Brasil”, Ended the mystery and revealed who was the couple who starred in hot moments in reality. The doubt arose after leaking a “whimpering” at dawn on Sunday, 16, during the transmission of the attraction on PlayPlus. He also told which couple was bothered by the sounds and asked for silence. According to the director of the attraction, Li Martins e JP Mantovani were responsible for the noises, Marcia Fellipe e Rod Bala it was the couple who asked them to be a little cool. “Yea! For those who were in doubt as to who was the ‘twin’ of the ‘Power Couple’, it was Li and JP. And those who did ‘shhhhh’ were Márcia and Rod, who are in the tent, next to the perrengue ”, wrote Carelli on Twitter. The team of the former member of the Rouge group commented on social media on the subject: “A night of love doesn’t hurt, does it? The ‘Power Couple’ showing that you can play, compete, live and love each other ”. The subject reverberated on social networks and a follower commented: “I would love to see Antonella [filha de Li e JP] to be promoted to big sister ”. The singer’s social network administrator joked: “Who knows, maybe a Power baby is coming ?! (laughs)”. The couple is currently in the Perrengue Room, as they were the participants with the lowest balance of the week.