Disney wants Star+ as a streaming blockbuster: ‘We don’t have competition’


Scheduled for release this Tuesday (31), Star+ is already the apple of Disney’s eye even before its debut. Despite having many of its own productions and Fox’s catalogue, the service’s great differential will be the sports content from ESPN Brasil/Fox Sports. Company executives admit that, with an offering to the public combined with Disney+, the platform has great potential to be a blockbuster of streaming No brazil.

“I see the competition saying that they also have sports on their platforms and such. But they have one event, at most two [no streaming]. We have ‘the’ events. Who has sport is Star+”, says Carlos Maluf, head of Sports at Disney Brazil, in an exclusive interview with TV news.

In fact, Disney has reason to extol this. By weekend, there will be at least 70 football games shown, not counting the other sports. At the US Open alone, one of the four biggest tennis tournaments on the circuit, there will be 22 signals available.

“We’re going to do one Olympics a day. And that with football, rugby, cycling, tennis… All at the same time. In other words, it will always be a puzzle. We’ll have to fit the schedule on both sides, so much so on pay TV [ESPN Brasil e Fox Sports] and Star+, to be relevant to both. That is our challenge. But the fillet of everything will be on Star+”, concludes Maluf.

In recent months, Disney has bought nearly every tournament available in European football. Only from May until now, the Italian and French leagues arrived, as well as the Uefa Conference League, the Italian Cup, the Super Cup in England and the renewal of the Europa League contract. After the merger with Fox Sports, which took place in May 2020, Disney became the company with the most rights to broadcast events in the Brazilian market, according to a survey by TV news –there are more than 60 contracts.

“The merger gave a lot of muscle, that was very good. Rights came from Fox, it joined the little that ESPN had, with English and Spanish as flagships, we even got to the end of Alemão in 2020/2021, it came to Libertadores. … And we made a team that is doing very well today, with high ratings”, analyzed Maluf.

But, according to him, the purchases were not made exclusively to boost the arrival of Star+ in Brazil. What really helped was the competitors’ lack of breath to compete with the conglomerate’s money.

“The Star+ has no relationship with the purchase of rights. We saw market opportunities, we were negotiating and winning BIDs. We noticed that the competition did not have that much breath. The important thing is that, with this muscle, with these rights, we will be able to deliver more than 70 live games. In addition to the TV games in simulcast [exibição na TV e no streaming ao mesmo tempo], we’re going to produce more Portuguese games for Star+, and you’ll have another 60 signals coming,” he reported.

Disney in national football?

With Brazilian clubs in the dispute, Star+ will only have the Libertadores da América and the Copa do Nordeste as an attraction for those who like football. Can the hunger for European tournaments become a craving for tournaments here? A further discussion is not ruled out. But there is no active conversation yet.

“We listen, we are in the market. We are not protagonists, as you well know, in this national market. We have Libertadores, which is not very national but has Brazilian teams, and the Northeast Cup. Mandant Law there. We’re not crazy chasing, we’re not protagonists, as I said. Let’s go ahead with what’s happening, which is very good, but let’s not turn our backs. At the right time, we can talk,” says Maluf .

About Libertadores, even with a great relationship with Conmebol, Disney doesn’t want to claim victory too soon. “We will participate, as we participate in others. There are several factors that can change the game, such as the way they will pack. Confident? Always. Will you win? We’ve already lost Champions, we’ve already lost Bundesliga… But what do we want? renew, we want”, says the executive.

Turbocharged combo

To close packages, Disney will launch a joint Disney+ and Star+ consumer offering, called Combo+. Anyone who wants both streamings will pay an amount of R$ 45.90 per month. Even with so many platforms in the square, Disney is confident that this value and the menu of the two services will draw a lot of attention from consumers.

“Disney currently has only one offer, which is the combined offer. Now, we will have Disney+ and Star+ with the sport that caters to the whole family. The big difference is the sport. It really is key, but we have it We have a lot of content. We have several providers like Lionsgate, Sony, NBC, among others, and we deliver a very large offer to the viewer,” says Cristiano Lima, Head of Content at Disney Brazil.

“Of course, we see the market, and there is really a great streaming offer. We learn from the competition, we respect the competition a lot, but we know that Disney has a powerful combined offer”, concludes Lima.