Distrust, tears and despair: Check out what happened at Power Couple Brasil


This Monday’s (12) edition of Power Couple Brasil 5 showed Renata Dominguez’s crying crisis after her withdrawal from the Women’s Test. The actress became desperate and ended up falling out with her husband, Leandro Gléria. Deborah Albuquerque, on the other hand, said she was suspicious of the approach of Li Martins and JP Mantovani with Mari Matarazzo and Matheus Yurley.

The program began by exhibiting the women’s dynamic, which required contestants to hang from ropes while trying to push buttons that were connected to some pillars. Whoever could stand 15 minutes in the air would complete the test.

Not knowing the purpose of the activity, Renata began to feel pain in her back and asked to leave. Leandro was revolted by his companion’s attitude. “Nobody gave up,” complained the publicist. “I’m feeling very bad, I’m feeling terrible”, lamented the actress, in tears.

Back at the Power Mansion, participants chatted about the latest happenings in the game. Deborah, then, decided to pressure Li and JP and stated that she had seen the couple comforting Matheus while the influencer cried after the party on Saturday (10).


In the former Rouge and model’s bedroom, Deborah questioned why the two were getting closer to their biggest opponents. “JP walked by and saw him crying,” Li explained. “At that moment, I saw him crying, I have compassion for people. I’m not his enemy,” added Mantovani.

In the testimony booth, the redhead commented on the conversation with the allied couple. “Their explanation had nothing [a ver] with nothing,” shot the actress.

Georgia Fröhlich agreed with Deborah when she learned about the opinion of the ex-Ronaldinhas regarding Li and JP’s approach to Mari and Matheus. “I just think it’s weird one day to hate [os dois] and in the other to love”, evaluated the journalist.

“It’s not because we’re adversaries that we can’t have compassion for human beings,” Li countered during his booth statement.

discord game

In this Monday’s edition, the public was also able to see scenes from the game of discord. Renata commented on Li and JP’s attitude after being changed rooms by the couple, who received a power during the dynamic. In the coming days, the actress will have to sleep in the Perrengue Suite, a room without any privileges and a less comfortable bed. “This week is just a fight for us”, lamented Leandro’s partner.

Deborah also complained about Li and JP after the two chose to tear down their little house during the activity circuit. “When they picked me, especially Li, I was a little scared,” confessed the redhead.

After the end of the activity, JP apologized to Renata and stated that he had no knowledge of the actress’s back pain and, therefore, chose to change her room.

Mari, who took R$ 10,000 from the “phoenix couple” in the game of discord, said that Deborah cannot control herself when she is defeated in the activities of the reality show. “She can’t lose, she gets nervous when someone takes something from her,” complained the influencer.

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