DJ Ivis is arrested in Fortaleza after assaults against ex-wife Pamella de Holanda – Prime Time Zone


Case gained repercussion this week after she shared videos on a social network in which she appears being raped with slaps, punches and kicks by the artist

Play / Instagram @djivisTo the police, DJ Ivis said he had an argument with her and that he was “embarrassed”

Iverson de Souza Araújo, the DJ Ivis, was arrested on Wednesday, 14, in Fortaleza for assaulting his ex-wife Pamella Gomes from Holland. The information was confirmed by the governor of Ceará, Camilo Santana. “I have just been informed by our Security Secretary of the DJ Ivis prison, in the case of the attacks on Pamella Holanda. The preventive detention had been requested yesterday by our Civil Police and recently decreed by the Justice. Let him answer for the crime committed,” he wrote on his official Twitter page.

The case gained repercussion this week after Pamella shared videos on a social network in which she appears being assaulted with tapas, punches e falls by the artist. The images were recorded at the then couple’s residence. In one of them, the victim is even raped alongside her nine-month-old daughter Mel. The DJ also shared videos with the woman trying to assault him and an image from a police report made in March. To police, he said he had argued with her and that he was “embarrassed” and “afraid of Pamella’s unbalanced behavior”. Ivis confessed the aggressions, but stated that he went through blackmail and even threats. “I’m not here to justify anything. I’m here to show you that I can’t take it anymore. Many people will judge me, but I couldn’t stand it anymore, I received blackmail, death threats with my daughter. Nobody knows what this is what I went through.” Pamella went to the police on July 3 and filed a police report for assault. The next day, the public ministry requested a protective measure for his wife and daughter, which was granted by the Court of Justice of Ceará.