Douglas Sampaio says it was terrible to live with Mara Maravilha in ‘A Fazenda’: ‘She’s a pig’ – Prime Time Zone


Champion of the 8th edition of the reality show said that the singer peed on the grass and pooped on the wall

Reproduction/YouTube/Instagram/official marvel/29.07.2021Douglas Sampaio recalled the friction he had with Mara Maravilha

The actor Douglas Sampaio, winner of the reality show “The Farm 8”, made it clear that living with the singer was not easy. wonder wonder during confinement. “Not all people are very nice and pleasant to be around. Like, Mara is horrible, she’s terrible to be around. There were some opportunities for us to communicate [depois do programa] and, even so, she continued with the same childish thinking”, said the artist, who became known after acting in “Malhação”, in an interview with the YouTube channel “Na Real”. In addition to defining the former “Gossip” presenter as a difficult person, Douglas also said that Mara is not a very hygienic person.

“She’s a pig. Within the program we had some problems with her and all the participants asked her to leave. We even thought for a while that she was not a participant who was fighting for the prize, that she was some part of the game, but then I found out that she was there to cause it. It didn’t make sense for her to pee in the grass. we were punished [por isso]”, said the actor. Inside reality show, Douglas and Mara had some friction and the champion of “A Fazenda 8” confessed that he put the singer to take care of the pigs because he knew she didn’t like it and wanted to punish her. Mara also teased and, according to the actor, she even soiled the bathroom walls with poop and stuck dirty tampons, as his job was to collect the garbage. “She doesn’t know the concept of respect, of respecting the people you live with. She asked me a lot for me to be respectful to her, since she was disrespectful to me”, he concluded.